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Saturday, May 31, 2008

There are no aliens. The collective stupidity of the American public makes me want to pummel my head against the rocks on the outside of my house. What makes me more furious is that the news media is helping this tripe along: "Are aliens real?" "Is the government hiding something?" What on earth are these people's job if they are not out doing what people in the blogosphere have deciphered within 30 seconds of the pictures and videos airing? These "news people" are doing nothing expect helping along the decline of the national intelligence. It's called critical thinking, people. Use it. It works wonders.

When I say that there are no aliens, I do not mean none at all any where in the universe. The universe is a vast place, and it potentially holds thousands of planets (we have already found over a hundred). So, to say that we are the only intelligent life out there is ridiculous and pompous. But the alien video that is going around is not real. NOT REAL!!!! My head hurts so I found an article from one of my favorite bloggers, Bad Astronomy, and it pretty much nails the hammer on the head:


Jeff Peckman stood before the citizens of Denver and showed the video. What it had on it we don't know, because he would only allow certain members of the press to see it, and no video of his video was allowed to be taken. Evidently, Peckman is part of the Bush Administration.

Anyway, his video was supposed to show an alien looking in a bedroom window. He said it would have cost thousands of dollars and take a Hollywood studio to fake it. However, members of the Rocky Mountain Paranormal Society were able to create a fake video in a few hours and for under $100, which looks "slightly more animated" than the real thing. That's according to someone who saw both, writing for the Rocky Mountain News (link above).

The fake video is all over YouTube already, and of course some people are claiming it's the real thing. It's not. Below are stills from the real footage and the hoaxed one (well the admitted hoax). The one on the left is from Peckman's footage (posted on the Rocky Mountain News site), the one on the right is the claimed hoax.

Stills from the purported alien footage and the hoax

The differences are obvious — most notably the shape of the head, and the mullions (crossbars) in the window. Now go to YouTube and watch the footage people are claiming is the real thing.

Oops. It's the known hoax.

So where are we? We have a video few people have seen, a claim it couldn't be easily faked, proof it could be easily faked, and the fake video being claimed as the real one on the 'net.

Still with me?

The dumbosity of this is climbing faster than even I thought it could. One thing is clear to me, though: Jeff Peckman is very, very good at wasting peoples' time. And people are only too too happy to throw it at him.

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I call BS on this  

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wow, Maximun asshole points for this guy. Although, before we give up hope on males in general I would like to point out that Jeffrey Toobin (who I love, sometimes) and the two women were all trying to point out that the campaign has been sexist. Their oppinion sounded much more fair, too bad they were being drowned out by ass-hole man. BTW, I am more and more concerned over the possibility of a McCain presidency. First McCain calls his wife the C-word (which he didn't really apologize for, but rather excuse because he was stressed). Second, McCain also pointed out that a female protester at a rally was "good looking". And now, his advisor thinks that acting like a man is bitchy. For the love of Pete, if this man wins, I will rip out my uterus and move to Canada. Okay, I don't plan on doing that for like 4 year, but still.

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