I call BS on this  

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wow, Maximun asshole points for this guy. Although, before we give up hope on males in general I would like to point out that Jeffrey Toobin (who I love, sometimes) and the two women were all trying to point out that the campaign has been sexist. Their oppinion sounded much more fair, too bad they were being drowned out by ass-hole man. BTW, I am more and more concerned over the possibility of a McCain presidency. First McCain calls his wife the C-word (which he didn't really apologize for, but rather excuse because he was stressed). Second, McCain also pointed out that a female protester at a rally was "good looking". And now, his advisor thinks that acting like a man is bitchy. For the love of Pete, if this man wins, I will rip out my uterus and move to Canada. Okay, I don't plan on doing that for like 4 year, but still.

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