Friday, August 29, 2008

There is so much out there; I don't know where to start.
So, I'll start with Fox News and their "wonderful anchor" Megyn Kelly.
Ms. Kelly decides to ask the ultimate question: What if?

Do you think that, you know, her saying that she loves America, that she loves this country, is going to do it for those who questioned her patriotism? Because she said something -- what she said was, and I wrote it down, was, "The world as it is just won't do." If you replace "world" with "country," you're back to the same debate, arguably, that you have been having about Michelle Obama's feelings about this country. Did she give her critics any fodder with that comment?

I must say I am amazed by Fox. Instead of actually reporting news, they like to make news by making random shit up. Yes, Kelly, by switching out words you do ultimately change the meaning. Duh! I like Stephen Colbert's take on the situation: "When I look through Obama's speeches and I change the word 'hope' to 'sodomy,' I really get steamed."

I ask myself, Am I really that shocked? Sort of. Especially from Megyn Kelly. She's a lawyer, alleged anyway (I wanna see that degree, missy!). I've been in law school for one week, and they drill in your head how important one word is. So the answer to Megyn's question is no. You would not have the same conversation unless it is with yourself. Because you are the only one that initiated it.
It's just like the Obama/Biden thing where Fox is changing the letters to show it's close to Osama bin-Laden. You've lost all credibility when you have to stoop to this level, like the people that believe if you fold the $20 bill a set way it shows 9/11.

Anyway... moving on!

Short Clips:
John Hagee thinks that Stay at Home Dads are going to hell. Yeah, John, who the fuck isn't?

Also, Cosmo=Women haters. I love it when a conversation about why people do bad things focus on other people rather than the person doing the bad deed. Stay Classy, Cosmo- And keep making women feel inadequate.

On to the BIG news:
I had the insane pleasure to wake up this morning to the news of John McCain's VP choice. Obviously, I am not a fan of John McCain. Surprisingly though, I did have some respect for him when he was running for Prez about 8 years ago. How times and perceptions have changed. As soon as I heard the VP choice, I was infuriated. Sarah Palin. Are you kidding me!?! This just screams "PLOY"! The reason for that is the campaign realizes that there are some [STILL!]upset Clinton supporters who might vote for McCain. If you are a Clinton how you can go over to the McCain side will always flabbergast me. It's like saying, "I don't have Quiche Lorraine here. So instead of going for the regular spinach quiche, I'm going to get the chicken fried steak." They're not compatible! The Palin nomination screams ploy- not bold or scary as the media has it. Why? Because the role of the VP is traditionally (Thanks, Dick!) suppose to be the "Lady in waiting". Yes they are there for advice, but they are there in case something happens to the President.

Well let's follow the crumbs. Obama picks Biden. Qualified, has been around forever. Supports women (BIG PLUS). Palin-hmmm. Previously a mayor of a town of 2000-8000 people (I've heard both numbers) and is now governor of one of the least dense states in the Union. So, if you take the equation that the VP is there for when something happens to the President (and if McCain wins, the odds are not in his favor) then we have Ms. Little league hockey as the president. How does the McCain camp have the balls to pull of such a stunt?! He's been gettin' (Okey slang) on Obama's case for being "inexperience" even though as a State Senator Obama had more people in his constituency then Palin did as a Mayor.

So, to me, the McCain campaign looked at the Hilary supporters and thought "if we just have a woman, any woman, and we got something." Hilary was not about putting a vagina in the White House; it was about putting a vagina in the White House who believed and fought for what her supports also believed and fought for. Palin is nothing but a younger female version of McCain with less experience than Barack. Now, McCain, I'd like to see you pull out the inexperience card again.
Shame on you McCain for thinking that some of us are stupid enough to fall for your pathetic and desperate trick.

BTW, Obama's speech? Kick Ass! To echo Michelle Obama:
For the first time in my adult life, I am proud of my country

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  • Pamela
    August 31, 2008 at 11:03 AM  

    Actually, from what I've seen, Alaska is a pretty dense state; just not densely populated. Do you remember what McCain said about the French after De Villepin's speech at the UN?

  • Quantum_Flux
    August 31, 2008 at 1:23 PM  

    Yehaw! Breaking the glass cieling, the republican party needs that!

    Please tell the McCain/Palin Campaign (preferrably politely) why teaching creationism in our public schools around America is superstitious and is not in our nation's best interests. These are the feelers McCain has out there, the way in which Americans can have a voice and be heard by his campaign:

    Contact his campaign directly here:

    Or go to his blogs and leave a polite message about the subject matter wherever appropriate:

    Remember, McCain does a lot of things right and is a great heroic war veteran who genuinely puts his country first, but Creationism is one key area where he is completely wrong and could potentially create a major setback for American students and businesses. We can't let America fall behind foriegn countries in the departments of Science and Technology because of his superstitious beliefs.

  • Feminist Francophile
    August 31, 2008 at 10:08 PM  

    Quantum_Flux- true; Creationism is a huge problem, but that's another day, another blog type topic.

    Pamela, I didn't previously know about what McCain said, but it does not surprise me. Actually, America and its attitude of the French will always confound me; and if you ever ask them why they think that way, it's usually some stupid reason like "they smell". Then you ask then if they have ever left the country, and they say no. Go figure.


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