A Criminal Rant  

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Right now, as I type, I’m pretty positive that my mother is trying to suffocate everyone in the house by slightly overcooking half a clove of garlic- and I don’t appreciate it.

Anywho… on to more important things besides the fact that I feel like mustard gas has been released into the air.

One of the things that I have realized from working at the County Courthouse is how much the world sucks. I knew that before, but you see it first hand when you talk to people over the phone and file criminal cases. Case in point: this past Friday, it was toward the end of day and I didn’t have much left to do. So, I decided to look at the new Felony cases that have been filed. Besides noticing that Tulsa has a huge “Possession of Controlled Drug” problem, I noticed a case that had two counts: one is a felony and the other count a misdemeanor. The felony was for “Placing Bodily Fluids on a Federal Employee”. I looked at the information sheet. The man spat on the officer. I kind of understand why that would be a felony. Certain things can be transmitted via “bodily fluid”, and you have no idea what another person has. But the misdemeanor was an “Assault and Battery- Domestic”. The information sheet went into detail about how the defendant “bashed” the girlfriend or wife’s head into a wall or floor- I forgot which one. I was outraged. You’re telling me that someone could go to Lexington for spitting on an officer, but if you bash your girlfriend’s head into a non-porous surface, you will go to County Jail. If that! Many misdemeanors are plead out and the person is put on probation and has to pay fines. I was so upset that I told a girl next to me about the case. A DA assistant was near us and overheard me. He said, “They say there is equal protection under the law, but that’s not always so”. I replied, “No joke”.

What is even more upsetting is that most Assaults are filed as misdemeanors. Many of them are domestic. Even more never go to court because the DA declines to file. But it is not all the DA’s fault. Many of those dumb broads who had a fist to their face think that said abuser will change with counseling. Idiots! He may be able to change, but you do not have to be around to see if he does or doesn’t.

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