Hypocrisy and the War  

Thursday, January 31, 2008

I have never been an ardent supporter of the war. Granted, when the war was first thrust upon us I was trying to think of logical reasons to why it was a good idea (a year later, I was convinced that there was none).

But I found something fishy about Americans... they want war but they do not want anyone they know to fight in it.

It's almost as if there has not been a war in such a span of time that people forgot what war entailed. War implies loss of life, loss of resources, and sacrifice.

One thing that I have taken a keen notice is that people, especially here in Oklahoma, will be ardent supports of the war: "we're fighting terrorism there so we don't do it here", "we're spreading democracy to the world", and "this is God's will".

All are atrocious reasons. But one thing that I hate is that the most blinding supporters of the war are the most hypocritical.
It seems that lately many people that I know have relatives or friends that are heading off to war. In church especially, people hear that a friend's relative is going to war, and one can hear a collective "Oh, no" and sighs of disbelief and heartbreak. Are you kidding me? Who did you think was going to fight the war? Robots!?!
It takes human bloodshed to fight wars. That is why they are atrocious acts that humanity has ever invented. That's why many were and are still against it. Unlike the stupid that fill our country, a few still know what it takes to wage war, and we want this grotesque actions of this administration needs to come to an end.

Coming from someone who hates war, I hope all come back safe.

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