The 35th Anniversary of Roe v Wade  

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Thirty Fiver years ago women were given the option to become more than just the standard baby-birthing, house cleaning, husband submitting wife that was the norm- and no, I don't find that as the ideal. More like sub-standard if you ask me.

Roe v. Wade may have been the landmark decision in America to give women the right to abortions (actually, only first term at the time), but what it has been able to do for women since is something that we have to keep mindful.

NARAL asked those who have blogs to write what Pro-Choice means to them.

Pro-Choice, for me, is about having a better life and opportunity for women, especially disenfranchised women.

Pro-Choice allows women to decide what they want to do with their lives and their bodies. Have you ever asked why are all these men so obsessed with repealing roe v wade? More obsessed than funding education and health care? Because, when one has control of a woman's body, you have control of her life. Without choice, the only thing that women would be able to do is stay at home. She will not be able to reach the highest peak of the corporate world.
Granted the Pill was invented in 1960 over a decade before women were given a choice. But, the Pill fails. Most women are not ready for, do not want, or unsure about children. Children should not be born to a mother that does not want it. Many say just give the baby up for adoption. Of course. Because the foster care center is much to be admired.

I vote Pro Choice because I care about women's health.
No woman in this country should ever at any time be compelled to go to Mexico or use a coat hanger.

I care that although I may never have an abortion that does not give me the right to deny another human being.
What you do with your body is your choice. Why do the actions of others have barring on you? You would never know that a women had an abortion unless she told you.

I'm angry that your religious beliefs must influence the body and life of someone you will never know. If the woman keeps the child, will you help raise it?

I am angry that lawmakers still try to tell women what they should do.
I'm angry that 77% of lawmakers are men and none of them will ever be pregnant.

I'm angry that Women's Rights must still be fought to this day.

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